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Hawaiian Herbal Salts - 3 pack
Hawaiian Herbal Salts - 3 pack
Hawaiian Herbal Salts - 3 pack
Hawaiian Herbal Salts - 3 pack
Hawaiian Herbal Salts - 3 pack
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Hawaiian Herbal Salts - 3 pack


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    An iconic trio that features farm fresh herbs and spices! Perfect for foodies

    1. Rosemary-Garlic Salt: A marriage made in herb-infused heaven! The fusion of Hawaiian salt, robust rosemary, and pungent garlic powder creates an enchanting symphony of savory notes. The aromatic punch of fresh rosemary beautifully intertwines with the deep, earthy essence of garlic, perfectly balanced by the subtle salinity of Hawaiian salt. This blend is a game-changer for roasted vegetables, grilled meats, or even homemade focaccia bread. Sprinkle it generously to infuse your dishes with a burst of Mediterranean-inspired flavor.

    Best Uses: Roasted potatoes, grilled chicken, bread dipping oil.

    2. Dill-Caper Salt: This herbaceous creation is a tribute to the tangy allure of dill and the briny charm of dried capers, all harmonized with the purity of Hawaiian salt. The aromatic dill dances on the palate while the hint of capers adds a delightful umami depth. I found this blend to be a revelation when incorporated into seafood dishes—think pan-seared salmon or a refreshing shrimp salad. It's also a fantastic seasoning for homemade potato chips or roasted nuts for a unique, flavorful twist.

    Best Uses: Seafood marinades, potato chips, roasted nuts.

    3. Italian Herb Mix: Bringing the essence of the Mediterranean to your kitchen, this herbaceous medley of basil leaves, thyme, oregano, and parsley leaves is a true celebration of Italian flavors. Each herb contributes its unique profile, resulting in a symphony of freshness and depth. Sprinkle this Italian Herb Mix generously on pasta dishes, pizzas, or into homemade tomato sauce for an authentic taste of Italy. It also works wonders as a finishing touch on salads or in herb-infused olive oil for dipping crusty bread.

    Best Uses: Pasta sauces, pizzas, herb-infused oils.


    Rosemary-Garlic Salt: Hawaiian Salt, Rosemary Leaves, Garlic Powder

    Dill-Caper Salt: Hawaiian Salt, Dill Leaves, Dried Capers

    Italian Herb Mix: Dried Basil Leaves, Dried Thyme Leaves, Dried Oregano Leaves, Dried Parsley Leaves

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