Our Process

Harvesting By the Moon

For thousands of years, humans all across the Pacific farmed and fished according to the moon. This style of agriculture was perfected century after century and adapted to each unique place. After western contact, it was almost lost but was preserved by celestial maps, journals, and the elders who were taught as children before it was banned. Studies have now shown that our ancient system is an ingenious method that actually plays a significant role in successful agriculture.

At Waimea Herb Company, we teach our children and community this style of planting by the moon.  For leaves and flowers, we harvest on full moons. Half moons are used when harvesting barks for dyes and medicines.  New moons are for root crops, pulling weeds and maintenance. We take extra care in harvesting and pay attention to detail, always aiming to fulfill our promise to deliver the highest quality tea to you.