Our Story

In the beginning....

We are the parents of six wonderful children and one beautiful granddaughter and are very involved with our children's school. We began teaching the students about growing gardens. The students learned to prepare, improve, plant, maintain, harvest and then enjoy what they grew in their gardens.

During this time we also taught them about the native Hawaiian and other types of plants they could use for dyes, cordage and, lei making, as well as teas and plants used for medicine. As the kids learn about tea, we began planting and harvesting plants used for tea.

The very first tea we created was our Mamaki and Chamomile Sweet Tea. The students loved it, as did the teachers and staff at our school. We were asked to serve our tea at school functions and events. This led to parents and community members wanting to order tea for their family and friends.


This is how the Waimea Herb Company was born.


Every tea bag is filled by hand with love. All of the ingredients are carefully selected to fill each cup of tea with the finest flavors possible.


From our family to yours, enjoy!